We created the website and developed the logo for “Biofresh” company.

We created the website and developed the logo for “Biofresh” company.

Task: to develop a logo and create an online store in the heat of the pandemic.

In the stormy time of the pandemic, Biofresh, the company that delivers local farmers organic food, asked us to develop a logo and an online store and they needed a prompt and quality result.

We created three branding options and presented to the customer

We created three variants that could meet expectations of “Biofresh” and their audience.

The first one contained the image of a horse which was associated with quick farm-to home food delivery.

The second variant represented the way Biofresh brought a village lifestyle in a megalopolis. Wheat ears reminded us of multistorey blocks of flats and tire tracks at the same time.

The client chose the third option, which was created in an unusual for us manner. Nowadays Biofresh customers get their orders in brand packets with the picture of a tractor. This logo portrays the brand as close to people and their roots and also tells customers about organic, natural farming. They can feel style, craftiness and national character.
Rejected options
Final version

We created an online store on Tilda

Our client and the stormy time in the country made us find a quick and appropriate solution, so we developed Biofresh online store on Tilda and we were ready to demonstrate the prototype in five days. Tilda provides minimum tools for standard elements customization, so it is really important for web-designers to know the platform from A to Z and our guys do. That’s why they never create pages which can’t be set up.

It took us one more working day to develop the online store and the design was so good looking that the client did not want to change anything in it. Four more days we spent on front-end engineering, filling the website in with the content, testing and fixing the bugs.
In a really tight schedule we were able to develop the memorable logo and the beautiful and functional online store which looked great across all devices. It had everything to start online selling: a convenient product catalog, the search bar, simple options for placing orders, the cart and online payment.

To gain a better understanding of logistics, we studied the market, competitors and the company’ s products. It helped us choose the platform, create the website with the content and the customized admin panel and got, not for the first time, into the Tilda best websites gallery #madeontilda

So we managed to develop the website and the logo in 10 working days.

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