We just work and never confuse the issue

In the sea of the best of the best there are not enough the most reliable companies. But you can really rely on us.

Design and code are only half the work. The second one is processes. Get to know how it works.

We start from a personal meeting or a conference call

It helps us get to know each other, discuss project details and receive all information we need to understand your expectations. Our specialists will find some examples and make up a mind-map of your website

Prepare for the meeting: look through the questions from the brief and examples of the website structure.

We build communication

We strive to work closely with our customers and engage them in all stages of the website development. We provide access to the project in Trello and keep in touch in your preferred contact options. We believe that prompt and honest communication is the key to success.

We conclude the frame contract

It fixes all general terms and conditions of our cooperation. We provide terms and payment for each stage of the work. Thus, we are able to stay flexible and you are able to make changes in a project work process.

Download the standard contract. Pay attention to the underlined items.

We create UX prototype

This is an interactive sample version of your final website. It does not contain any colors or design elements; it allows you to “walk through” the pages and see the location of blocks with the content on PC and mobile devices.

We create design

The first stage of work is to create some blocks and shape your vision of further development. Next up will be to make all layouts and check them with our tech teamlead to have a winning design.

We give the grounds for our solutions

We feel it useless to play with fonts. But we are always ready to provide reasonable advice to make sure you are getting the best possible result.

Make changes

We are ready to take three rounds of design revisions for free, no matter how many changes are requested. But you should keep in mind that the fourth and more design iteration adds to the overall cost of the project. We establish our pricing based on the number of hours extra work will take.

We are good at front-end development and programming

We create a website step by step, test upload and download speed and make an admin panel. When web development is over, you’ll get detailed guidelines for effective management of your website and our support.

We help with promotion

We have partners among top-companies from “Runet Rating”. We develop web sites for their clients and they are ready to promote our clients’ products. Would you like to get to know our partners?

The team that knows what and how to do

Cedro is a team of people with wise heads, warm hearts and working hands; they know how to bring your business to the next level.
Pavel Vichev
Account manager. He used to play punk rock but now he comes to the office, communicates with customers and makes presentations at conferences wearing suits
Alexander Valov
Senior programmer. He is the life of the party, a negotiator and an altruist. Once he managed to finish the website design in time after he had just had general anaesthesia.
Dmitry Balykin
Project manager. He is perfect at delegating and finding the right person who can do his job.
Roman Kuznetsov
Designer, chief of branding. Makes beauty for 10 years, loves photos and leads a fashion instagram. Like, share, subscribe: @romatoomuch
Grigory Popov
Designer. He chose the profession because he was sick and tired of ugly websites. He just adores doing karate, designing websites and watching them in dark themes.
Roman Rodionov
Designer. Don’t trust his kind face — if he doesn’t like the text, he will ask the copywriter to rewrite it again, again and again. And one more time.
Ilia Glotov
Copywriter. He minds Roman’s requests and makes perfect texts from the first draft. Ilia is a poet, but he has a knife in his pocket when he shows his texts to Roman
Daniil Rukosuev
Designer and regular at the #madeontilda gallery.
We have eliminated a competitor by taking him to work. A purposeful friend — he came to us from Surgut

Check out our portfolio

We create websites that meet our customers’ needs. And they also meet our customers’ customers needs.

We have developed the landing page and the logo for the apartment beautification company DoT.Premium

We did different tasks: created branding, wrote the text and designed the website (on Tilda) which underlined the quality of DoT.Premium’s products.

It took us 10 days to develop branding and the website for the farm food delivery service “Biofresh”

We created the logo and the online store where customers can browse various goods, add items to their cart and check out simply and efficiently.
Check out the case
Check out the case
Will you get started?
We are not afraid of participating in tenders and able to compete with larger agencies. If you want to get to know us better, to make an appointment or a conference -call — just reach out us.

Drop a line, call and come to our office

Of. 301, 33, Vyborgskaya Embankment
Saint Petersburg
We are a member of ARDA- association of digital agencies development.
Together with Specia, we promote the market of digital products and communications in Saint Petersburg
15-minute walk of Vyborgskaya Metro Station
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Runet Rating’s participant
This work was nominated for Runet Rating award as one of the Best landing pages and Best Furniture and interior websites